Following Kate's guidance in a spirit of compassion, this webinar allowed me to explore and challenge my images about money. It shed light on some key historical conflicting messages I learned from my family around scarcity and abundance.

There has been a shift for me: I can feel the potential for expansion and pleasure, both for me and the client, in the confrontation of these issues around money. 

- Melissa K

Setting and Raising Your Fees with Kate Holt

How to determine when and why, with compassion, respect, and integrity. 

Are you uncomfortable talking about money with your clients?

Do you hate to ask for payment?

Have you struggled to charge what you know your work is worth?

You're not alone, many practitioners struggle with this.

Charging appropriately is as important for your clients as it is for the wellbeing of your business. Imagine how good you'll feel when you're clients are paying you according to the value you provide. 

In this webinar for practitioners and practitioners-in-training, you'll learn:

  • The importance of being able to discuss fees.
  • How to set fees and when and why you should raise them.
  • A four-step formula to support you in setting and raising fees.

Webinar is given by Kate Holt, Executive Director. Kate is a Core Energetics Practitioner who has had a private practice in various modalities since 1995. She has been mentoring holistic entrepreneurs to make a passionate and profitable impact since 2014. 

When purchased, you'll receive a link to a preparatory video before you watch the webinar and the webinar video link.

The webinar was recorded May 21, 2019. 

Fee: $97 - Alumni members and Institute students may use their discount code at registration.




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