Our Organization

The Institute of Core Energetics is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware.  It is governed by the Institute's Board of Directors and administered by the Executive Director. The Institute is currently headquartered at 150 West 28th Street, Suite 1803B, New York, NY 10001.

Board of Directors
  • Teressa Moore Griffin, Chair
  • David Murray, Treasurer
  • Kate Holt, Executive Director
  • Laura LaCascia-Ehlert
  • Laura Chonoles, Student Representative
  • Barra Kahn, Faculty Representative
Operations and Administrative Staff
  • Kate Holt, RN, CCEP, Executive Director
  • Lisa Loustaunau, MFA, CCEP, OSC, Academic Director
  • Ralph Nash, Financial Coordinator
  • Cynthia Kagoshima CCEP, Communications Coordinator
Board Committees
  • Alumni and Membership — Kate Holt, Chair
  • Finance — David Murray, Chair
  • Fundraising — Doug Wirth and Kate Holt, Co-Chairs
  • Marketing and Communications – Teressa Moore-Griffin, Chair
  • Personnel Policies and Ethics — Laura La Cascia-Ehlert, Chair
  • Policies and Programs — Barra Kahn, Chair
Corporate Members
  • Teressa Moore Griffin
  • Doug Wirth

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