2-Year Transformational Program

Our Transformational Program Offers a Methodology for Awakening Embodied Consciousness
and Deeper Personal Insight
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Learn how your energy system interacts and co-creates relational dynamics with others,
and influences the circumstances of your life.

Students learn the foundational elements of the four stages of the Core Energetics process through a combination of didactic presentation and interactive experiencing as they also engage every level of selfhood: body, emotions, mind, will and spirit. Awareness of how blocks in the energy system form and distort reality is gained as students are introduced to character theory and the character defenses as a lens for  understanding personal struggles and behavior patterns. Consciousness expands and new possibilities emerge as participants learn how living in the mask (the idealized or false self) and staying unconscious of the lower self (unconscious destructive currents) hide authentic and innate qualities (the higher self).

NOTE: The 2-Year program also forms the foundation of the 4-Year Practitioner Certification program. Students successfully completing this program may be eligible to transfer into the Practitioner Certification program, if they have met all the requirements and assignments that are the required.

Themes Explored

  • Foundations of Core Energetics 
  • Energy and Consciousness
  • Core Energetics Model of Personality
  • The Fragmented Character Defense
  • Images
  • The Undercharged Character Defense
  • Grounding/Breathing/Feeling/Movement
  • The Overcharged Character Defense
  • An Overview of Energy Armoring in the Body
  • The Displaced Character Defense
  • The Armored Character Defense
  • The Four Stages of Core Energetics
  • Ego Functions and their Relationship to the Core
  • The Principles of Energy Economy
  • Pride, Self-Will & Fear / Reason,Will & Emotion
  • Touch and Soft Techniques
  • Character & Applied Techniques
  • Body Consciousness Class 
  • Resistance and Anger in the Body
  • The Spiritual Significance of Sexuality
  • The Universal Life Plan and Life Task

2024-2025 Program Dates

October 25-28, 2024

December 6-9, 2024

February 21-24, 2025

April 4-7, 2025

June 6-8, 2025

2025-2026 Program Dates

October 24-26/27, 2025

December 5-7/8, 2025

February 20-22/23, 2026

April 17-19/20, 2026

June 5-7, 2026

Program Details

Training Facilities
Our trainings are weekend residential retreats and are held at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT.

Application Fee
(Must accompany application form)

  • Standard — $125: Application and all supporting materials are due by  August 1st, 2024.
  • Late — $150: Application and all supporting materials received from August 2nd, until September 1st, 2024.

Application, Click Here

The tuition for the 2024–2025 year is $6,000.00 Additional costs: room & board and individual and or/including group sessions. Students may request an optional payment plan schedule in order to budget their full tuition costs effectively. Optional payment plans are available. Customized payment plans must be arranged with the bursar prior to enrollment, after providing documentation supporting the need for a variance.

Each year of study has required texts and training manuals. Some of these can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available through scholarships and requests for assistance are considered upon completion of the application, enrollment, and a commitment to the program. Our bursar will work individually with applicants to explore forms of tuition payment and potential sources of financial assistance.

Tuition paid toward training programs is non-refundable.  Refunds for Wisdom House Room and Board must be requested 14 days prior to any training weekend.

Questions about training and workshops? Email info@coreenergetics.org or call 212-982-9637.

Note: All awards, tuition abatement, and other forms of aid are solely contingent upon satisfactory coursework and participation. Failure to maintain any of these standards may result in a suspension of funds.

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