Core Energetics Introductory Weekend Retreats

Join an Introductory Retreat
Be Among the Training Community
Explore your Own Self Transformation
Highly experiential, this program is designed for participants to learn about themselves and the Core Energetics Process.


  • Is your life the truest expression of who you really are?
  • Do you bring yourself fully and authentically to your relationships?
  • Is your work life in alignment with your inner sense of purpose?
  • If you're a psychotherapist, are you satisfied with the tools you have to facilitate breakthroughs with your clients?

If you answered NO to any of the above, you are not alone and there are lasting solutions.

Imagine a place where you can discover and express your strengths as well as reveal your struggles...a place where you can receive support in an environment that is welcoming, nurturing and fun.

In these retreats, you will discover tools that will create profound changes in how you experience yourself and live your life. You'll learn some foundational concepts of Core Energetics... why we do the things we do and how they help us.

Join us for a program where seasoned faculty members facilitate explorations of yourself individually and within a group.

Themes Explored:

  • The 4 Stages of Core Energetics

  • The Mask

  • The Lower Self
  • The Higher Self
  • Group Dynamics


Friday -  5:00pm - 9:00pm

Saturday - 9:00am - 9:30pm

Sunday - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Retreat Dates for 2023-2024: 

February 16-18, 2024

April 19-21, 2024

June 7-9, 2024

We offer 3 workshop rates: 

SUPPORTER RATE—$597: Supports Yourself and Others: This tier is above the actual cost of the class and the extra money goes towards supporting others who may not have access to paying for the actual cost of the class.

SUSTAINER RATE—$497: Pays For You: This tier reflects the true cost of this class. It is for those who can meet their basic needs and who paying for this class may qualify as a sacrifice, but it would not create hardship.

COMMUNITY RATE—$397: Supported by your Peers:  This tier, representing a discounted rate, is for those who find it a challenge to meet basic needs and paying for this class would still be a hardship.

Retreat Facilities
Our retreats are residential and are held at Wisdom House, 229 East Litchfield Road, Litchfield, CT 06759. Room and board fee for the weekend at Wisdom House is $273.00 for shared accommodations (6 meals). If you decide to stay elsewhere, Wisdom House charges a commuter fee of $188.00 (4 meals, coffee, tea and amenities), please take this expense into consideration should you want to stay off campus. For more information contact

Commuting to the Retreat
Metro North Train Station within 20 minutes and Carpools are often available.

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