Evolving Together

The Institute of Core Energetics is committed to being a force for the healing of humanity, transforming negativity and fear into love. We value and work diligently to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, where all people feel seen, welcomed, and integral to the wellbeing of the whole. We recognize and acknowledge that to continue Evolving Together, we must take steps to transform our systems, policies, and practices to ensure equitable opportunities and an inclusive culture for our faculty, students, and all Friends of the Institute. We are committed to ongoing engagement in activities that expand the competency and capacity of the Institute’s leadership, faculty, student body, and the broader Core Community, to confront and condemn racism, attacks on religious groups, hatred, bigotry, discrimination, violence and oppression of all marginalized groups. We are committed to affirming the full humanity of all.

Alumni COVID-19 Recovery Support Program
As the world responds to the urgency of COVID-19, many communities and individuals are left reeling from the repercussions this has had on their daily lives. In the spirit of being of service during this time of need our Alumni have come together to offer the Alumni COVID-19 Recovery Support Program.
If you are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and need support you can now reach out to one of our volunteer Core Energetics Practitioners to schedule an hour long session, free of charge.

Discover Core Energetics

Developed by John Pierrakos, MD., Core Energetics is a synthesis of body-oriented psychotherapy and spiritual development. It brings consciousness to how we block our life energy by perpetuating defensive patterns adapted in childhood which keep us limited and disempowered. Core Energetics helps us understand how our life and worldview is to a large extent a function of these blocked energy patterns. These patterns keep us recreating similar life situations and relational dynamics, leaving us trapped and frustrated. Core Energetics helps identify and dissolve these blocks, allowing us to experience more freedom and aliveness.


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Community Nights

Led by Institute faculty or graduates on various topics, these free two-hour workshops are a great opportunity to experience the power of Core Energetics firsthand.

An Introductory Weekend

Offered at various times throughout the year, this program is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of Core Energetics, our community, and our programs.

Core Energetics Programs

Two-year Personal Transformation, four-year Leadership and four-year Practitioner Certification programs begin every October. Find the one that's right for you.

Core Energetics Programs

Hear From Our Graduates

“As I write this, I realize that being in the company and care of such an amazing, loving, and nurturing training and community was life altering in giving me the experience of conscious loving connection in the world in a way that I have not experienced elsewhere. Working with the structures and energy also made a tremendous difference in my ability and confidence to work with couples—the core of my practice.” — P.B.


“Core Energetics has been the single most transforming experience in my life. Having had the opportunity to participate in the the Practitioner Training has completely changed—for the better—all aspects of my personal and professional life.” — E.M.

David copy

“Thank you for the gift of Core! The program and this community have profoundly changed my life and its direction. It is my intention to carry this gift out into the world and affect as many as I can with what I have been given. Thank you from the whole of my heart!”  —  C.K.


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