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Energy & Consciousness Journal Volume 1 (1991)


A Welcoming Note John C. Pierrakos, MD

Editorial Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

Love, Consciousness and Healing Therapies John C. Pierrakos, MD

Self Regulation Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

Psychopathy, Part 1 Andre Leites, PhD

The Effects of Core Energetics on Stress Levels and Immune Functioning of HIV Positive Individuals Ethan DeFault, MSW

Book Review

Energy & Consciousness Journal Volume 2 (1992)


Editorial Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

JP's Notebook John Pierrakos, MD

Characterological Distortion of Spirituality and Its Resolution Joan A. Groom, MA

Treatment of Panic Bernard Rosenblum, MD

Night Dreams and the Intentional De-construction of Negative Images Francis X. Clifton, PhD

Psychopathy, Part II Andre Leites, PhD


The Spiritual Significance of Groups: The Energetic Connection by Elaine Waldman, MA

Beginning to Read Bodies by George Sarant, MD

Book Review

Energy & Consciousness Journal Volume 3 (1994)

Energy & Consciousness Journals Volume 3TABLE OF CONTENTS

Editorial Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

JP's Notebook John Pierrakos, MD

Multiple Personality Disorder Anthony J. Rullo

Journey Into Consciousness Joan A. Groom, MA

A Charming Psychopath Bernard Rosenblum, MD

Exploring the Role of Emotions in Diseases of Muscular Contraction Elaine Waldman, MA

Integrating Karmic Material Into Core Energetic Therapy Through the Use of Past Life Therapy Susan Elizabeth Ram


The Modifiers: Reason, Will and Emotion by Andre Leites

Energy & Consciousness Journal Volume 5 (1997)

Energy & Consciousness Journals Volume 5


Editorial Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

Spiritual Strivings and Psychological Vulnerability Helen Harkaspi, ISW

Consciousness Enfolding: Transforming of the Schizoid God Joan A. Groom, MA

A Personal Practice Philosophy Karyne Wilner, MA

From Girls to Women: The Gateway Years Alison Birnbaum, CISW

The Emotional Functioning of the Breath and Its Applications in Therapy Jorge Stolkiner

Energy & Consciousness Journal Special Issue Volume 6 (1998)

Energy & Consciousness Journals Volume 6


Keynote Address–Coming Home John Pierrakos, MD

Team Therapy & Community Stuart Black

Energy, Consciousness and Body Structure Dimas Calegari, MD

Relationship As Spiritual Path Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

Core Energetics: A Healing Art Pamela Chubbuck, PhD

Leaving Home: Journey of the Soul Walid Daw

Reflections on Reality & the Intention of Being Siegmar Gerken, PhD

Sexual Fulfillment in Relationship Rupert Lorusso, MD

Core Energetics Approach to Midlife Sexuality Karyne B. Wilner, MA

Homecoming Walk Into Your Core Barbara Arthur

Touch For Pleasure, For Life Phyllis Haber Bard, CSW

Feel the Body Milton Fernandez Borges

Working with Addictions & Core Energetics  Elizabeth Carl, CSW, Ann Bradney, Margot Harris

Releasing the Head & Neck  Pamela Chubbuck, PhD

I & Thou Relationship  Miriam Dror

Human Life, Core Energetics & Chinese Medicine  Marcos Friere, Jr., MD

Coming Home to Your Birth Family Mary J. Giuffra, PhD

Giving & Receiving Ilse Kretschmar

Transforming the Lower Self  Jill Neitlich, APSW

Masculine & Feminine in the Body Bill Say, MA

Changing Perception: Working With the Eyes Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW

Working With Symbology of the Chakras  Cynthia Schwartzberg, LCSW

Touch  Sidney Schwartzberg, MA, DC

Couples, Crisis and Coming Together With Core  Karyne B. Wilner, MA

Energy & Consciousness Journal Volume 7 (1999)

Energy & Consciousness Journals Volume 7TABLE OF CONTENTS

Editorial  Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD

The Case of the Broken Heart  John Pierrakos, MD and Karyne B. Wilner, MA

The Family Energetic Field: A Matrix for Human Evolution Mary J. Giuffra, PhD

In Search of the Lost Core: A Beginner’s Guide to the Borderline Character Kuno Bachbaner, MD

Working with Genital Trauma Barbara Koopman, MD, PhD

Epidauros: A Holy Shrine in Greece Ralf Homberg, MD

Book Review Joan A. Groom

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