4-Year Practitioner Certification Program

Our Practitioner Training
is a Comprehensive
Learning Experience
Leading to Certification
as a Core Energetics Practitioner

Highly experiential, this program is designed for students to develop in three distinct, yet overlapping areas of competence.

Theoretical Competence
The curriculum provides the main theoretical & philosophical constructs that underly, support and define the Core Energetics evolutionary model.

Personal and Spiritual Development 
The program provides a model for personal evolution, energetic integration and spiritual growth and develops the capacity for presence, open-hearted living and deeper engagement with all of life.

Applied Methodology / Practical Application of Core Energetics
The program provides the training needed for graduates to responsibly practice Core Energetics and be able to engage clients at every level of being (body, emotions, mind, will and spirit) to support both healing and the clearing of obstacles that hold humans back from bringing forth their inherent gifts.

The first two years are pre-clinical years. Students develop a foundational understanding of the four-stage Core Energetics methodology as insight into human energy dynamics deepens. At the same time students actively engage in a conscious and embodied process of personal growth through self awareness and interactive participation in process group and in various exercises and experiences with the class and the community. Students in both programs participate in these two pre-clinical years together.

Students gain an embodied understanding of the nuances of energy and consciousness as the building blocks of human experience. The character defense structures are explored, in all their physical, psychological and energetic manifestations, as keys to understanding human behavior patterns and as the source of most life issues—as well as an entrance into the individual’s unique gifts. Various layers of the personality: the mask, lower self and higher self are studied. Students gain fluency in identifying which layer they or others are acting from, while simultaneously understanding the impact this has on authentic presence and full engagement with life.

The third and fourth years of the training emphasize the development of clinical skills in the student-practitioner. Themes that support clinical proficiency, such as; assessment, transference, countertransference, resistance, trauma work, working with groups, as well as many others, are explored. Students practice working with the body to release energy blocks, support flow and facilitate integration of newfound awareness. Personal growth is ongoing in classes, community events and process groups as students deepen self-knowledge, as well as integrate and embody the work. It is during this stage in the training that student-practitioners initiate work with clients under the guidance of a supervisor to gain competence in applying the methods in the practice of Core Energetics.

Note: As part of this program all students also take two Ethics courses. Students who do not have professional clinical backgrounds are also required to take Practitioner Skills training. These additional courses are offered by the Institute and included in the tuition.

Themes Explored in Years 1 & 2

  • Foundations of Core Energetics and Introduction to Character Development
  • Energy and Consciousness
  • Core Energetics Model of Personality
  • The Fragmented Character Defense
  • Images
  • The Undercharged Character Defense
  • Grounding/Breathing/Feeling/Movement
  • The Overcharged Character Defense
  • An Overview of Energy Armoring in the Body
  • The Displaced Character Defense
  • The Armored Character Defense
  • The Four Stages of Core Energetics 
  • Ego Functions and their Relationship to the Core
  • The Principles of Energy Economy
  • Pride, Self-Will & Fear / Reason,Will & Emotion
  • Touch and Soft Techniques
  • Character & Applied Techniques
  • Body Consciousness Class - Alignment and Relation to Gravity
  • Resistance and Anger in the Body
  • The Spiritual Significance of Sexuality

Themes Explored in Years 3 & 4

  • The Client/Practitioner Relationship
  • Assessment and Planning
  • Core Energetics and Psychopathology
  • Transference 
  • Armoring in the Ocular Segment
  • Armoring in the Oral Segment
  • Countertransference and the Mask of the Practitioner
  • Armoring in the Cervical Segment
  • Armoring in the Diaphragmatic & Thoracic Segments
  • Armoring in the Abdominal Segment
  • Armoring in the Pelvic Segment
  • Working with Sexual Trauma
  • The Art of Leadership
  • The Core Energetics Group Process
  • Advanced Transference and Countertransference
  • Resistance to Consciousness
  • Working with Borderline Issues
  • Psychosomatics:The Mind/Body Connection
  • Termination and Closure
  • Working with Non-Developmental Trauma
  • Sexuality in the Core Energetics Process
  • The Universal Life Plan and Life Task

2023-2024 Program Dates

October 20-22/23, 2023

December 1-3/4, 2023

February 16-18/19, 2024

April 19-21/22, 2024

June 7-9, 2024

2024-2025 Program Dates

October 25-27/28, 2024

December 6-8/9, 2024

February 21-23/24, 2025

April 4-6/7, 2025

June 6-8, 2025

2025-2026 Program Dates

October 24-26/27, 2025

December 5-7/8, 2025

February 20-22/23, 2026

April 17-19/20, 2026

June 5-7, 2026

2026-2027 Program Dates

October 23-25/26, 2026

December 4-6/7, 2026

February 19-21/22, 2027

April 16-18/19

June 11-13, 2027

Program Details

Training Facilities
Our trainings are weekend residential retreats and are held at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT.

Application Fee
(Must accompany application form)

  • Standard — $125: Application and all supporting materials are due by  August 1st, 2024.
  • Late — $150: Application and all supporting materials received from August 2nd, until September 1, 2024.

Application, CLICK HERE.

The tuition for the 2024–2025 year is $6,000.00 Additional costs: room & board and individual and or/including group sessions. Students may request an optional payment plan schedule in order to budget their full tuition costs effectively. Optional payment plans are available. Customized payment plans must be arranged with the bursar prior to enrollment, after providing documentation supporting the need for a variance.

Each year of study has required texts and training manuals. Some of these can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available through scholarships and requests for assistance are considered upon completion of the application and acceptance into the program. Our bursar will work individually with applicants to explore forms of tuition payment and potential sources of financial assistance.

Tuition paid toward the training programs is non-refundable.  See Wisdom House refund policies for Room and Board.

Questions about training and workshops? Email info@coreenergetics.org or call 212-982-9637.

Note: All awards, tuition abatement, and other forms of aid are solely contingent upon satisfactory coursework and participation. Failure to maintain any of these standards may result in a suspension of funds.

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