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Welcome!  At Core Connect, we are more than just an alumni network- we are a family of unique individuals who share a common thread: the transformative experience of Core Energetics.  Our Alumni Network is a diverse community dedicated to continuous growth, learning, and contributing to a more conscious world. Here's how we make it happen:


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As a graduate of Core Energetics, you are not just a former student- you're an essential part of our ongoing story. Our alumni are the living embodiment of Core Energetics' principles, bringing them to life in the world. We come together to celebrate, learn, and process, ensuring that the flame ignited within us continues to burn brightly.


Our Alumni Network promotes a culture of lifelong learning. Through a blend of Institute-sponsored events and initiatives led by fellow alumni, we offer a diverse array of programs that encourage both personal and professional development. Here, you have the platform to collaborate, share insights, and spark new ideas.


The vitality of our Alumni Network reverberates far beyond our individual experiences. By supporting and sustaining the Institute, we ensure the continued growth of Core Energetics in the world. Together, we create a ripple effect of positive change that extends to every corner of the globe.


Your journey does not end at graduation-it's just the beginning and there are many ways for you to continue your connection to the Institute. Take a look at the different opportunities to be involved.

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