Postgraduate Mastery Program

Advanced Training for Certified Core Energetics Practitioners to Attain Excellence
in Professional Presence and Leadership.
Open to graduates from Core Energetics Practitioner programs worldwide. 

The program offers depth and breadth in specialized aspects of the work as each module focuses on one theme which is developed over the three days of the weekend. Classes are led by seasoned and specialized faculty members and meets on the same weekends as other Institute programs. The classes have a distinct feel and have been described by graduates as more professional and collegial as participants also bring their expertise and experience to one another as peers.

Components of the program are:

Personal process time at training weekends so that postgraduate students can share themselves with one another in authentic ways, receive support, and work with the feelings, resistance, and transference issues that emerge within the group over the course of the program.

Supervision Group takes place in a small group format during training weekends where students discusses actual clients rather than the live session format used during years 3 and 4.

Postgraduate Project: with the support of a project mentor, participants have an opportunity to delve deeply into an aspect of the work that speaks to them. Project milestones are spaced out over the course of the year and culminate in a project presentation to guests, faculty members and 4th year students at the June weekend.

Participants receive individual support to put themselves forward as leaders in the work and to create and lead a Core Energetics workshop during the course of the year.

Supervision is required. Individual sessions are strongly encouraged, but are no longer required.

2023-2024 Program Dates 

October 20-22/23, 2023

December 1-3/4, 2023

February 16-18/19, 2024

April 19-21/22, 2024

June 7-9, 2024

Postgraduate Themes

  • Leadership and Advanced Core Energetics Group Skills
  • Sexuality in Core Energetics Practice
  • Core Energetics for Couples
  • Neuroscience, Psychosomatics and Core Energetics
  •  Addiction & Recovery & Advanced Trauma
  • Universal Life Path-Life Task (supplemental)
Program Details

Training Facilities
Our trainings are weekend residential retreats and are held at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT.

Application Fee
(Must accompany application form)

  • Standard — $125: Application and all supporting materials are due by  July 15th of the 2023-2024  academic year
  • Late — $150: Application and all supporting materials received after  August 15th of the 2023-2024 academic year

The tuition for the 2023–2024 year is $5,500.00 Additional costs: room & board and individual and or/including group sessions. Students may request an optional payment plan schedule in order to budget their full tuition costs effectively. Optional payment plans are available. Customized payment plans must be arranged with the bursar prior to enrollment, after providing documentation supporting the need for a variance.

Each year of study has required texts and training manuals. Some of these can be purchased on

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available through scholarships and requests for assistance are considered upon completion of the application and acceptance into the program. Our bursar will work individually with applicants to explore forms of tuition payment and potential sources of financial assistance.

Tuition paid toward the training programs is non-refundable.  See Wisdom House refund policies for Room and Board.

Questions about training and workshops? Email or call 212-982-9637.

Note: All awards, tuition abatement, and other forms of aid are solely contingent upon satisfactory coursework and participation. Failure to maintain any of these standards may result in a suspension of funds.

Applications for the 2023-2024 program year are now closed. Applications for the 2024-2025 program year will become available in February 2024. Check back here for further instructions.

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