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Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

The relationship between our mental and physical well-being is a fascinating and complex interplay that has intrigued philosophers, scientists, and healers for centuries. Today, this concept is more relevant than ever, with modern lifestyles demanding a holistic approach to health. This intricate mind and body connection is not just a philosophical concept, but a key […]

grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques in Body Psychotherapy: Finding Stability in a Chaotic World

Finding a sense of stability and peace can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. It’s no wonder, with anxiety disorders affecting more than 40 million US adults, and nearly half of Americans reporting frequent feelings of stress. Stress, anxiety, emotional upheaval, and more leave many searching for ways to reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. […]

Movement and Emotional healing

The Role of Movement in Emotional Healing

While many people understand the benefits of talk therapy, fewer recognize the profound impact of movement in emotional healing. Today, let’s remedy that by taking a closer look at the intricate relationship between physical movement and emotional well-being, and how we can leverage mindful movement for therapeutic effects. The Deep Connection Between Movement and Emotion […]

Trauma and Emotional healing

Trauma and the Body: Healing Through Somatic Therapy

Trauma is an invisible wound that manifests not just in the mind, but also in the body. In recent years, the importance of addressing the physical aspects of psychological trauma has gained significant attention. This recognition has led to the rise of somatic therapy, an innovative approach to healing that focuses on the connection between […]

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What Is Body Psychotherapy?

Body psychotherapy — also known as somatic psychotherapy or body-oriented psychotherapy — is a holistic form of therapy that recognizes and utilizes the relationship between the body and the mind. This therapeutic approach is grounded in the understanding that our bodies hold onto experiences, and these held experiences can affect our mental and emotional health. […]


The Importance of Mental and Emotional Well-Being

  The pursuit of happiness can sometimes seem like a difficult thing. Contentment, peace, and satisfaction can elude us all too well. In times like these, mental and emotional well-being are more important than ever. They are the cornerstones of a healthy and fulfilling life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at mental […]


Pioneering a Holistic Path to Personal Transformation and Mental Well-Being

The NY WIRE website featured us in a article called Pioneering a Holistic Path to Personal Transformation and Mental Well-Being. Here is an excerpt: “We are at one of those inflection points in our history where how we each show up influences the trajectory. Our work contributes to this moment by providing a framework by […]

aimee art

Understanding How to Move and Manipulate Energy

Alumnus Aimee Falchuk, MPH, M.Ed., ACCEP Aimee was featured in Goop online magazine in the Spring of 2016. In this article Understanding How to Move and Manipulate Energy, Aimee provides perspectives of energy and consciousness and the many ways we can understand this experience in our body, mind and spirit. Here is an excerpt and […]

June 10-12 cc

Emotionally Expressive Techniques: The Most Misunderstood Aspect of Core Energetics

Emotionally expressive techniques are a powerful method that Core Energetics practitioners employ to help clients challenge their somatic and psychological blocks to feelings and consciousness. These energetic techniques, however, are frequently misunderstood. The powerful motion and expression of repressed and suppressed feelings help us to break through and move beyond our mask, our idealized image of ourselves, and into […]


Methods for managing stress over the season of holidays

  Whether you struggle with holiday trauma triggers, pressure to be joyful when you don’t feel like celebrating, increased financial pressures, or temptations that threaten your plans for good health, these tips might help take the edge off.   Stress Response and the Effects of Chronic Stress The stress response is a physiologic reaction to […]


Every Body Needs Some Body

Reprint from- New Therapist, September/October Edition 2012 An Interview with Lisa Loustaunau, Frederick Lowen and Jack Lee Rosenberg Let’s face it: Our most archetypal attachment scripts are predicated upon a fundamental urge to fulfill the longing of every body for some body to love. Our bodies are, whether we like it or not, the vehicle […]

four phases

The Four Phases of the Core Energetics Approach

by Lisa Loustaunau MFA, ACCEP Originally published in the USABP (United States Association of Body Psychotherapy) Newsletter May 2014, revised in 2019 The sacred wound is the wound, the healing of which, allows us to become the hero of our own life. – Jean Houston Core Energetics, which was developed by the late Dr. John […]

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