A Message from Our Executive Director

The Core Energetics Evolutionary Process is a powerful personal development modality that alleviates suffering and promotes pleasure and fulfillment through energy and consciousness.

Before I found this work in 1997, I was suffering the consequences of negative patterns that were largely unconscious. Grace brought me to this work and set me on a course of self-responsibility that I hadn’t known was possible. As I became aware of my patterns and transformed them, I began to know and love myself and to create my Life with purpose and positive intention. The benefits are truly amazing!

Perhaps it is grace that has brought you to this page, today. I invite you to check out our Core Calendar Events List. There are many opportunities for you to explore this work, so you can fully claim the beautiful Life you are meant to have. Some ways for you to experience the Core Energetics process are: Free Friday Nights, Introductory Weekend Retreats, or one-on-one sessions with a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner. See our Practitioner Directory to find one.

This process asks you to look deeply at yourself; confronts you in the places where you are unknowingly creating pain in your Life and sometimes in your body. It’s not only about challenging limiting beliefs, it’s about owning negative forces within in you, so they can transform. This holistic approach gives you access to your core essence, the part of you that fully receives and gives love, that knows your purpose, and supplies you with the energy to fulfill it.

We are continually working to improve the quality of the training and to reach more people with it. We are supported by the leadership, generosity, and dedication of our Board of Directors and our Staff. Our teachers are people who have embraced this work personally and professionally. Our students and graduates are some of the most courageous, loving people I have ever known.

I strive to bring authentic, loving leadership for growth and expansion and to empower others to do the same. It’s truly my honor to lead this organization, as Executive Director.

—  Kate Holt RN, CCEP
Executive Director

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