A Message from Our Executive Director

When I think about this season of change, I am aware I have many feelings swirling around inside of me. I feel excitement when I think about the opportunities I am going to have to grow– both personally and professionally. I feel intimidated when I consider moving into an established community that is largely unknown to me. I feel grief as I close the current chapter of my professional life– saying goodbye to something that has brought me great joy and meaning. I also feel inspired as I learn more about the work of the Institute and deep, deep joy that I have been chosen as the next Executive Director.

As I consider the months ahead, I am eager to listen, observe and learn from the ideas, practices and values that make up the Core experience. As the dust begins to settle, I hope to share what I have learned throughout my previous life experiences in a way that compliments and enhances the work of the Institute. I am also excited to participate in growth strategies that bring the Core practice to underrepresented groups– building networks brings me great joy– and I look forward to collaborating with groups who are in need of tools that support overlooked individuals and communities.

More than anything, as I introduce myself to the Core community, I would like you to know that I realize you are trusting me with a gift– and I promise to care for it to the best of my ability.

—  Lindsay Ngidiwe
Executive Director

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