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By bringing awareness to deep–seated fears and releasing blocked energies that prevent the flow of life within, the Core Energetics process improves an individual’s ability to make informed choices and pursue his or her deepest longings. Making significant contributions to body psychotherapy and psychosomatic and behavioral medicine, the Institute of Core Energetics offers a four-year training program for licensed and credentialed professionals as well as for aspiring Core Energetics practitioners. In addition, the two-year Personal Growth and four-year Embodied Leadership programs provide individuals the opportunity to explore avenues of change and growth that lead to a more fulfilling engagement with life. The Core Energetics process is powerful and transformational.

You can help support that mission. The Institute of Core Energetics is a 501(c)(3) tax–exempt nonprofit organization. General contributions for the Institute’s operations and designated donations to its John C. Pierrakos Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible under the terms and conditions outlined in the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Publiation 526 and may be made in the form of cash, bank check, money order, or credit card.

  • Cash donations should be made in person.
  • Bank checks and money orders should be made payable to the Institute of Core Energetics and mailed to: The Institute of Core Energetics, 150 West 28th Street, Ste. 1803B; New York, NY 10001. Please be sure to write either “General Contribution” or “Scholarship Fund” on the memo line.
  • Should you prefer to donate via credit card, please follow the instructions on the form below to contribute the amount of your choice.