Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

July 31, 2018

Dear Friends and Alumni of the Institute of Core Energetics (Institute),

The Nominations Committee is seeking recommendations of qualified candidates to join the existing nonprofit Board of Directors (Board) for the Institute. The Institute’s Board presently includes: Teressa Moore-Griffin, Chair; David Murray, Treasurer; Doug Wirth & Kate Holt, Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs;  Kate Holt; Alumni Committee Chair, Barra Kahn, Program/Policy Committee Chair; Laura LaCascia-Ehlert, Personnel & Ethics and Teressa Moore-Griffin, Marketing/Communications Chair, Student Representative; Laura Chonoles.

The Board advances the Institute’s mission, sets and measures goals, ensures mission-program alignment, and
works to support the vitality of Core Energetics/body-based healing for future generations.

Other key Board duties include:

  • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial and human resources (staff and consultants);
  • Approving annual budgets, monitoring fiscal health and financial reports, as well as fundraising;
  • Governing the organization through clear policies and procedures;
  • Participating in the work of a Board Committee;
  • Selecting, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Executive Director; and
  • Being accountable to the Core Community (e.g. faculty, graduates and students) for the organization’s performance.

We are currently seeking new board members with marketing, fundraising, and corporate experience to help the institute become more expansive and bring integrity to our programs and community.

All new Board members serve an initial one-year term that would begin upon review and orientation. Regular Board members are eligible to serve up to two additional three-year, consecutive terms (max. of 7 years). The Student Representative is eligible to serve up to one additional one-year term or 2 consecutive years on the Board (chair currently filled).

Individuals can self-nominate or be nominated by others. If you’re nominating another person, it’s helpful to have their consent prior to nominating them.

Any questions and/or requests for additional information should be addressed to Kate Holt, Executive Director, at the Institute office at (212) 982-9637 or by email at

Please complete the attached Nominations Form and submit. You can submit a nomination by email to, or by regular mail to Doug Wirth, ICE Nominations Chair, 150 W. 28th Street, Suite 1104b, New York, NY 10001.

Thank you for your time, consideration and assistance with this important endeavor.


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