Call for Nominations for the Student Representative to the Board

The Nominations Committee is seeking recommendations of a Student Representative to join the Institute’s non-profit Board of Directors, which presently includes: Teressa Moore Griffin, Chair; David Murray, Treasurer; and Members – Barra Kahn, Laura LaCasia-Ehlert, and Kate Holt, Executive Director.

The Student Representative, as a customer of Institute programs, provides a unique perspective and voice to fulfilling our responsibility to advance the Institute’s mission, vision and values; set goals; oversee programs; and work to ensure the vitality of Core Energetics for future generations. Other key Board roles and responsibilities include:

Ensuring the availability of adequate financial and human resources (staff and consultants);

•Approving annual budgets, monitoring fiscal health and reviewing financial reports;

•Governing the organization through clear policies and procedures;

Participating in the work of a Board Committee (such as Finance, Fundraising, Policy & Program, Marketing/Communications/Publications, and Personnel & Ethics);

•Selecting, supporting and reviewing the performance of the Executive Director; and

Being accountable to the Core Community (e.g. faculty, graduates and students) for the organization’s performance.

The new Student Representative will serve an initial one-year term that begins in September 2019, with up to one additional one-year term thereafter, if they are still a student. Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. If you’re nominating another person, it’s important to have their consent prior to nominating them.

Any questions and/or requests for additional information should be addressed to Kate Holt at the (856)261-4900. Please complete and submit the attached Nominations Form by August 2nd (click here) by email to or regular mail to Doug Wirth, Nominations Chair, 1120 Avenue of the Americas, #4151, New York, NY 10036.

Thank you for your time, consideration and assistance with this important endeavor.



      Doug Wirth,                                                Kate Holt,

      Nominations Committee Chair               Executive Director

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