COVID-19 Recovery Support Program

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Let Us Support You

All day, every day, we read and hear about the financial, emotional and psychological toll the COVID-19 pandemic is exacting.  For some, physical distancing has translated into emotional distancing. They are alone; they feel lonely and isolated. For others, sheltering-in-place has highlighted relationship tension and challenges.

While the specifics of each person’s situation may vary, we know many people want and need support.  We also know the skill sets and hearts of our Core Energetics Community can make a difference in the lives of many. Several of our Alumni, who are certified Core Energetics Practitioners, have volunteered to offer single support sessions for people who cannot afford to pay. We support this effort in keeping with our vision for the Institute, which is:

We are a force for the healing of humanity, transforming negativity and fear into love. 

We support individuals to fulfill their life purpose.

Our diverse and international community embodies expanded consciousness. 

Through our presence and work we contribute to a better, and more conscious, world.

To access volunteer practitioners please fill out the fields below and you will be sent an email with a link to the volunteer Practitioner page.


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