21 – Mastering the Emotions of Money – 3 Private Sessions and Course

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The Money Nerve: Mastering The Emotions Of Money is designed to help you take proactive steps in consciously understanding your emotional responses to money.  This dynamic approach to personal finances helps you:

  • Replace outdated belief systems related to money
  • Overcome fears around money
  • Have a healthy relationship with money
  • Create honest budgets
  • Gain confidence in money related matters.
  • Develop a path to financial abundance

With 12 weeks worth of compelling videos, daily lessons, meditations and journal questions, Mastering The Emotions Of Money helps you reconcile your relationship with money and allows you to make wiser choices throughout your life. While you reconcile your relationship with money, you may also discover unexpected benefits in other aspects of your life.

To accompany your 12-week journey, this package includes private coaching consultations with The Money Nerve author and founder, Bob Wheeler. You will have one on one sessions with Bob, to ensure you stay on track to gain a greater understanding of how your outdated belief systems are influencing your decisions today. Bob will work with you one on one and guide you through mental processes to overcome fears, phobias and emotional blocks around money, help you build a custom honest budget and help you create new beneficial financial habits that propel you forward in life.

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