Meet Our Volunteer Practitioners

Hope Capra CCEP, LCSW

Hi. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
In my adult life I have called myself a friend, a spouse, a parent, a lawyer, a social worker, an LCSW, a Qi gong practitioner and a body-based psychotherapist. I work with words, with energy, with the body—and with the spirit—whatever it is you need to feel calmer, clearer and more present with yourself and your situation. What I offer is an open, curious, non-judgmental space to explore and let down and put down some of what you may be carrying right now.


Karin Knoblich ACCEP

 Karin is a certified Core Energetics practitioner (ACCEP), a faculty member of the Institute of Core Energetics since 2001. and an Exceptional Relationship counselor. She is also certified as an interfaith spiritual counselor with One Spirit Alliance, and a Radical Aliveness group facilitator.

kim mossbrook
Kim Mossbrook CCEP

Kim graduated from the Institute of Core Energetics in 2018. She has a private practice in the Finger Lakes area and co-leads weekend retreats. She is passionate about connecting with Nature, helping others discover the wisdom their bodies hold, and being a mom to four young men on their journeys into adulthood. Visit for more information.


Lucille Sallazzo CCEP

Lucille is a Core Energetics Practitioner and is a certified meditation and yoga instructor.  Lucille integrates her experience as a nurse, and her spiritual practice to guide clients who through what no longer serves them in order to live their fullest, most authentic life. During this pandemic, so many people are going through extraordinary trauma, loneliness, stress and unease.  Lucille can offer tools that foster resilience and stress reduction during these difficult times.  LGBTQI support


Shira Karman CCEP

I am a seasoned practitioner, in practice for 40 years.  I am an empathic listener and use principles of body centered work to offer support to clients, at this time on the phone or on Zoom. My grown daughter is a paramedic and I understand some of the unique stressors of being a front line worker. I would welcome the opportunity to offer support to you.

Emailing me is a preferable way to contact me.


Sylvia Foley CCEP

I graduated from the Institute in 2018 and am currently finishing a postgrad program. I've been seeing clients for 3 years, and have worked with people dealing with trauma, childhood abuse, and addictions.


Cheryl Musgrave CCEP

Underneath any anxiety, stuckness, dysfunction, or despair, is your original brilliance. Working with the tremendous wisdom of your body to transform and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing your exquisite fullness, we bring awareness to what holds you back and activate the boundless resources of your highest self so that you can live your richest life.

And we begin right where you are, gently welcoming and honoring all parts of you.


Geri Sestok CCEP, LCSW

30 years LCSW-R, with BCD, CCEP. 20 years Psychiatric Social Worker in Psychiatric Hospital,20 years in Private Practice. New York State insurance only.


Liz Dougherty CCEP

Liz is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master and Registered Nurse. She brings a vibrant, intuitive and creative energy to personal healing and transformation, blending her wisdom and love of the physical, emotional and energetic bodymind. Liz works with individuals, couples and groups.


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