Course Curriculum

4 Year Practitioner Certification Curriculum


  • Foundations of Core Energetics and Introduction to Character Development
  • Introduction to the Core Energetics Model of Energy and Consciousness
  • Core Energetics Model of Personality
  • The Schizoid (Fragmented) Defense
  • Images
  • The Oral (Undercharged) Defense
  • Grounding/Breathing/Feeling/Movement
  • The Masochistic (Overcharged) Defense
  • An Overview of Segmental Armoring
  • The Psychopathic (Displaced) Defense
  • The Rigid (Armored) Defense


  • The Four Stages of Core Energetics Therapy
  • Ego Functions and their Relationship to the CoreThe Mask
  • Principles of Energy Economy
  • Releasing and Transforming the Lower Self
  • The Higher Self
  • The Human Energy Field/Sensing and Working with Energy & Soft Techniques
  • Characterology & Applied Techniques
  • Body Reading
  • Body Consciousness Class -Alignment/Skeleton/Joints/Relation to Gravity
  • Pride, Self-Will & Fear/ Reason, Will & Emotion
  • Resistance and Anger in the Upper Body
  • The Spiritual Significance of Sexuality
  • The Universal Life Plan and Life Task

&#8212 In addition to the classes there are process groups and community events during every module.

— Ethics training for Years 1 & 2 focuses on confidentiality, boundaries & avoiding harm.

Year 3 commences the Clinical Phase of training toward practitioner certification.


  • The Client/Therapist Relationship
  • Assessment and Therapeutic Planning
  • Core Energetics and Psychopathology
  • Transference 1
  • Armoring in the Ocular Segment
  • Armoring in the Oral Segment
  • Countertransference and the Mask of the Practitioner
  • Armoring in the Cervical Segment
  • Armoring in the Diaphragmatic & Thoracic Segments
  • Armoring in the Abdominal Segment
  • Armoring in the Pelvic Segment
  • Working with Sexual Trauma & Abuse

— Ethics training for Year 3 focuses on sexual boundaries and the use of touch in therapy.


  • The Art of Leadership
  • The Core Energetics Group Process
  • Advanced Transference and Countertransference
  • Resistance to Consciousness, Bodywork and Work with the Lower Self
  • Working with Borderline Issues/and Spiritual Emergency
  • Psychosomatics: The Mind/Body Connection
  • Termination and Closure
  • Working with Non-Developmental Trauma
  • Sexuality in Core Energetics Therapy

— Ethics training for Year 4 focuses on therapeutic integrity, the power differential in therapy, and the challenges of multiple relationships.

— In addition to the classes there are process groups and community events during every module, as well as live clinical supervision in Years 3 and 4.

— Video/Case Presentation Projects are presented at the final class.