4 Year Core Energetics Embodied Leadership Program

Ted_BarraAfter having completed 2 years of the foundational Personal Growth Program phase, the focus in these final two years shifts toward embodying innate leadership qualities and skills. Each Sunday Leadership Program participants meet for an in depth exploration of the following themes: the meaning of true leadership; assuming ultimate self–responsibility for the creation of our lives; ownership and expression of personal leadership strengths and consciousness of limitations; willingness and resistance to taking personal risks and expanding beyond our comfort zone; standing in one’s own authority in the face of disagreement and challenge; embodying leadership in the workplace and in relationships; frustrations in leadership; mentoring; living leadership from our essence. Other topics relevant to leadership that arise from within the group will also be explored.

Each weekend participants dig deeper into specific areas of their life where they are being personally called into greater leadership as each participant chooses a specific life project. The leadership group will be a team to support, motivate and challenge one another to grow and reach personal objectives through lively discussion, dynamic exercises and experiential processes designed to bring greater consciousness, wholeness and aliveness.

Click HERE to download/print an application form. FYI, the form is interactive; you enter your information directly on your computer, save the document, and return via email with the additional information/documents as outlined.