2 Year Core Energetics Transformational Program

Ken_IreneThe 2 Year Transformational program offers participants a powerful personal growth process through conceptual and experiential in–depth learning about oneself. Students engage somatically, emotionally, energetically, and intellectually in a process that merges body psychotherapy, and spirituality.

Character defense systems are presented as keys to understanding the personal struggles, behaviors, and development of each individual. Students gain a working knowledge of energy theory, how blocks form and present themselves in the body, and how they distort reality and lock us in negative behavior patterns. Core Energetics personality theory is presented as students gain an understanding of their mask self, lower self and higher self. Themes also included in Years 1 and 2 are the spiritual significance of sexuality; the role of the ego in Core Energetics; the energy field and chakra system; anger; resistance and stress in the body; and the trans–personal aspects of Core Energetics.

The Core Transformational program meets five weekends per year, each beginning on Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday afternoon. Each training weekend includes classes, process groups, and community events.

NOTE: The 2 Year program also forms the pre–clinical foundation of the 4 Year Practitioner program. Students successfully completing this program could potentially continue into the 4 Year Practitioner program if they have also met all the therapy requirements and assignments that are the required for the 4 Year Practitioner program.


Click HERE to download/print an application form. FYI, the form is interactive; you enter your information directly on your computer, save the document, and return via email with the additional information/documents as outlined.