Core Polska Debuts


April 28, 2015

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Students,

I am home and happy to tell you all  that the introduction of Core Energetics to Poland has been a success.

My dear friend and NYC Core Therapist, Ala Konopko-Ulanecki and I have just completed a marathon of 4 free presentations to Core Energetics and 2 weekend workshops in four different cities in the last two weeks and the response has been heart- warming and better than we ever expected.  The Polish people have been incredibly responsive to Core Energetics.

Ala and I (Co-directors of Core Energetics Polska) along with our great  Polish assistant, Kasia Stechnij,  traveled around Poland with all our new gear (cube, roller, batakas, mattress).  We were jammed into Kasia’s car like sardines and we called ourselves the Three Musketeers.   We started with a free Core presentation designed for a big women’s group in the city of  Lublin.  (beautiful old city and quite progressive).  We were very blessed to have a psychologist/coach, Agata Jakuszko,  (who had experienced Core in London and was thrilled with it ) – contact us several months ago through our Facebook posts.  She played a huge part in helping us organize what happened in Lublin. This included the women’s presentation, a day and a 1/2 workshop, 2 radio interviews and a wonderful article written by a journalist. The 26 people who attended the workshop  “Live Life Fully” were remarkable and worked deeply.  Therapists, coaches, body-oriented people, newbies filled the room).  It was a great start for Ala and I.  We truly felt that John Pierrakos, the originator of Core, was guiding us again and again. We also found a great new workshop retreat house run by an Osho/Kundalini couple who believe in cathartic work. We will probably use their place in the future.  Perfect!- NO problem with our making noise!!!

 We next visited my family in Lodz (HollyLodz, as it is sometimes called because it is the film capital of Poland)  We did an Intro presentation and my family attended. I was a little nervous.  After all these years, they finally saw what  I do exactly.  Much support and it looked like they were kind of impressed with Core.  Following the presentation, we were invited to return and create a workshop in Lodz by a psychotherapist and a coach.  Such a positive response!

We then drove on to the first capital of Poland (966AD)  Gniezno and did a free  Intro to Core presentation. From that we made more contacts and 2 women from Gniezno were so interested in Core that they got themselves to Warsaw for this last weekend’s workshop. That Gniezno presentation was challenging.   In the next room, there was an orchestra loudly rehearsing religious hymns.  When I called my husband Barry  that night and told him about that he said, “You just can’t  make these kinds of things up.”

Warsaw, the capital was our last stop.  A Friday night presentation and then another “Live Life Fully” 2-day weekend workshop. Kasia found us a great space in the Center of Warsaw.  People told us that this particular weekend in Warsaw had all kinds of self-growth workshops going on all over the City (eg. a big Tantric workshop).  The Poles were impressed that we had gathered 16 people (thanks to  Kasia, Facebook, our web page and an ad in SENS, a sort of Polish Psychology Today magazine).  Once again, the participants really went for it.  There were a lot of Gestalt and Analyzy Lowena (that’s what they call Bioenergetic Therapy in Poland)  trained therapists in the group along with doctors, body, movement and music people and some real newbies. (never took any workshop on their life!) Just about everyone wanted to do some personal work so we mixed exercises with lots of processing.  They bonded as a group quickly and continuously remarked how they were moved by each other’s process and were uncovering and learning so many new things about themselves.  Lots of tears, dancing, screaming, energy movement and laughter.

All and all, there was a surge of excitement about Core that Ala and I had hoped for but didn’t expect to this degree. These are some of the remarks:

“We really need this here”/”Our country needs this type of therapy. I felt a spiritual depth that I never feel in church ” / “When are you returning?”/  “We are professionals, will there be  a professional training?”/  ” This is what I have been looking for”/  ” I can help  you organize a workshop – I’ll gather a circle of friends/colleagues/ coaches etc.”/  “We want to invite you to our City.”  By the way, Wroclaw and Gdansk look like they want workshops in the future.

 After the workshops, we received testimonials that were so heart filled.  They will be on our web page soon. ( And check out our Facebook posts and pictures Core Energetics Polska – all bilingual)  The Editor/journalist who wrote the article in Lublin caught the true flavor of the emotional atmosphere of the workshop and really got the Higher Self, Lower Self,  Mask concepts and explained them beautifully. That’s what we based our workshops on and the Poles were fascinated and grateful for that particular way of working on oneself. Through another journalist workshop participant, Ala did an interview for Poland’s National Public Radio in Warsaw. That was a delightful surprise and opportunity.

Ala and I  have been a great team. Ala speaks Polish impeccably and carries more of the didactic parts of our Intro presentations while I fill in with examples from our work and lead  many of the exercises. The Poles seem to have a big heart for my “not so perfect Polish” and when I can’t find a word, Ala or Kasia (our assistant) quickly fills in.  My grammar is sometimes humorous and the whole room gets a good chuckle and sometimes it just became hilarious.  Nothing like comic relief at times.  Ala and I work together well as a team in our Workshops.  It has been that way from the very beginning. Ala has great instincts, knowledge, presence, depth and heart. I like our dance together. What a blessing.

We really couldn’t have gotten this far without our assistant Kasia’s capabilities and her heart and soul.   She is pretty amazing with all her skills  (she is also a great translator and editor) and is truly fired up about Core Energetics. She wants to be a Core therapist. And she speaks English beautifully.

In the midst of all of this, the three of us joked that we could probably write a manual called THE DO’s and DON’T’s of bringing Core Energetics into a new country.  We all learned a lot from our ups and downs. I’m sure all the other Directors of  Core programs could contribute.

So the seeds are planted and it looks like there are some seedlings coming up. Of course, we will keep on tending this garden. We did all of this in the Polish language but for the future, we hope to invite other Core teachers who will use translators to help build Core Energetics Polska.  Having invested a lot of time and money into this, we are now praying for and visualizing a wealthy Polish sponsor to help us make this thing grow.  (If someone like that crosses your path, please introduce him/her to us.) There may be a possibility of getting some funds from the European Union. And I’m going to buy Lottery tickets for the first time in my life. What the hell. There seems to be a strong wind at our backs. John Pierrakos told Ala 20 years ago, “You and Liz will bring Core to Poland”.  We did it John.  Deep gratitude for what John and Ewa created for all of us Core Energetic practitioners and for how it so deeply transforms people. Thank you John, for all of your help.  Yes, yes, yes.  Love is very powerful.

So dear friends,  this really did turn out to be a very long letter.  Thanks to all of you for all your patience, understanding, good wishes, prayers and positive energy. Your encouragement truly helped float this boat.

I give you all a great big hug.

Love, Liz