Hear from the Graduates

Here are a few comments from recent graduates:


“As I write this, I realize that being in the company and care of such an amazing, loving, and nurturing training and community was life altering in giving me the experience of conscious loving connection in the world in a way that I have not experienced elsewhere. Working with the structures and energy also made a tremendous difference in my ability and confidence to work with couples—the core of my practiceDSCN0980 - Version 2.”  —  P.B.


“Core Energetics has been the single most transforming experience in my life. Having had the opportunity to participate in the the Practitioner Training has completely changed—for the better—all aspects of my personal and professional life.”  —  E.M.


“My life has done a complete 180 since I started doing this work. I’m so much stronger and so much more conscious. I courageously bring myself to my relationships, work and life. This work has meant the world to me.”  —  D.G.


“Core has brought me home to myself in a way I never dreamed possible.”  —  V.P.

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“Thank you for the gift of Core! The program and this community have profoundly changed my life and its direction. It is my intention to carry this gift out into the world and affect as many as I can with what I have been given. Thank you from the whole of my heart!”  —  C.K.


“The Core Energetics weekend has shown me the importance of embracing my whole array of emotions. The result was breathtaking and life changing. Core Energetics provides the missing link . . . towards wholeness!”  —  J.G.


“Through Core, everything in me that has needed healing has begun to flower anew.”  —  G.S.


“My time at Core was amazing—giving me tools and memories as well as possibilities to continue growing and opening. I can’t imagine my life without it.”  —  M.B.