Books by John

Books by John Pierrakos M.D.


This book is a classic text on Core Energetics, a body/mind/spirit therapeutic process developed by John C. Pierrakos MD. It stems from the work of Wilhelm Reich and Bioenergetics, but with a deepening spiritual component. The focus of the book is to open the “Core” to a new awareness of how body, emotions, mind, will and spirit form a unit.

A scholarly text, the author explains in full psychological detail his theory and therapy. The result is a masterpiece of body/mind holistic thinking.

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This book discusses the three great aspects of the life force: eros, love and sexuality. The free flow of these aspects if our greatest source of pleasure. When we stay open, we experience these aspects as the one life force that generates all activity, all creativity. The author founded the therapeutic work of Core Energetics which seeks to integrate the higher dimensions of the psyche into our physical existence.

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