4 Year Core Energetics Practitioner Certification Program

Group ExperientialThe 4–Year Program is a comprehensive training experience that leads to certification as a Core Energetics Practitioner.

The first two years of the training, the preclinical years, invite the practitioner to engage somatically, emotionally and intellectually with various principles of energy and consciousness, the basics of characterology and its formation, and the Core aspects of personality; the mask, lower self and higher self. The training is highly experiential so that students can develop a felt sense of the energy system, how it becomes blocked, and what is necessary to free, ground, and integrate energy in the body and open the heart. This phase of the training also includes; working with anger and resistance, an exploration of the ego, understanding the role of reason, will and emotion, the chakra system, and the themes of sexuality and spirituality.

The third and fourth years of the training emphasize the clinical skills, knowledge and practical support the Core Energetic student practitioner–in–training needs to begin to develop a practice. Students continue their personal process and growth work through class experientials and in process groups. Trainees are expected to begin working with a supervisor in the third year and to see a limited number of clients to begin gaining proficiency in applying the methods and practice of Core Energetics. Students integrate what they have learned in Years 1 and 2 as they also also explore new themes that support the development of their clinical proficiency.

Year 3 emphasizes therapeutic psycho-dynamics including resistance, transference and counter–transference. Students learn skills and techniques in working with the body through hands-on practice as they explore the functions and issues related to armoring (energy blocks) in each of Reich’s seven segments. Other themes include; assessment and diagnosis, psychopathology, sexual trauma, and ethics.

Year 4 emphasizes specialized areas that include; working with groups, leadership, work with sexuality, advanced transference and counter-transference, working with non–characterological trauma and PTSD, psycho-somatics, and termination and closure. Students hone their therapeutic skills and bring forth their unique qualities as Core Energetics therapists in demonstration and practice sessions. The year ends with a presentation of a final project presented to the class, and culminates with graduation and receipt of certification for students having successfully completed all the requirements of the program.

Requirements of the 4–Year certification program include:

    • Completion of all assignments
    • 24 Individual sessions per year with a Core Energetic practitioner OR
    • 18 Individual sessions +10 Group process sessions OR
    • 18 Individual Sessions + 6 Couples sessions OR
    • Individual Sessions + A Core Energetic Intensive as a client
    • In Years 3 and 4, nine (9) Individual Supervision Sessions with a Core Energetic Supervisor.

Please note: In the event you do not reside in an area where there is a practicing Core practitioner, we would be happy to discuss other options with you.

Programs usually begin in October and end in June and meet five times per year beginning on Friday and ending late afternoon on Sunday.

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NOTE: The application for the 2017–2018 Academic Year is an interactive form; enter your information directly on your computer, save the document, and return via email with the additional information/documents as outlined.