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Core Institute Program Information

THE INSTITUTE OF CORE ENERGETICS offers dynamic training programs leading to Core Energetics practitioner certification as well as programs for personal growth and embodied leadership development in an exciting and supportive learning community. 

 4 Year Practitioner Certification Program

The 4–Year Program is a comprehensive training experience that leads to certification as a Core Energetics Practitioner. Learn More

2 Year Core Energetics Transformational Program

The 2 Year personal growth program is the pre-clinical foundation of either the 4 Year Practitioner Certification program or the 4 Year Embodied Leadership Program. Learn More

4 Year Core Energetics Embodied Leadership Program

After having completed 2 years of the foundational Personal Growth Program phase, the focus in these final two years shifts toward embodying innate leadership qualities and skills. Learn More

Core Energetics Post–Graduate Program

The Post–Graduate year is designed to provide advanced training for Certified Core Energetics Practitioners. Learn More




What Graduates Say

“My life has done a complete 180 since I started doing this work. I’m so much stronger and so much more conscious. I courageously bring myself to my relationships, work and life. This work has meant the world to me.”  —  D.G.



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